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Blended Mint Sample Pack
4 biodegradable tea sachets
Price: $2.00
Blended Mint Tea in teabags
16 biodegradable tea sachets
Price: $6.00
Press and Brew tea filters 50 pack
50 press and brew tea bags
Price: $2.00
Stevia Loose Leaf Herb sweetener
Certified Organic
1.5 ounce package
Price: $7.50
Two bottles of Elderberry Extract
2 ounce bottle, 2 bottles per order
Price: $20.00
Two bottles of Nettle Extract
Nettle Extract, 2 oz per bottle, 2 bottles
Price: $20.00
Two Extracts- one Elderberry, one Nettle
2 oz per bottle, 2 bottles
Price: $20.00